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Music Easy to Love used by PERMISSION*
Check out Tess, she is using social media to build her presence with the help of Mike, her Dad, (cool Dad) to get the word out. Any Band, Musician or artist can tap into this to get massive results!

I wanted to show Tess and Mike the Audio Swap feature in You Tube as a way to let others use her music for the videos we all enjoy here and to tell them some other little web 2.0 secrets that guru’s and leaders like me know about. I hope this helps and hey, I do love having a songbird… at the beginning and end of my video’s. It adds interest and flair so THANK YOU TESS for the permission to spotlight and help promote you. I love your music and see a big shelf of Grammy’s in your future girl!

Thats the vibe I’m sending ya! 🙂

Tess Henley
Talent Promotion
Social Media

Duration : 0:8:22

[youtube FXIH8VuwE5c]