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Pay Per Click advertising has stood the test of time & is still the number 1 technique of lead generation for the serious entrepreneurs. It is still the number 1 method of advertising for network marketing legends such as Mike Dillard, Jay Kubassek, Michael Force, David Schwind. These 6 figure earners make very large amounts of money in a consistent way on a daily basis by producing large quantities of high quality leads for their marketing businesses because they have taken the time to master the beast called ‘google’. PPC is the only skill that Mike Dillard recommends to serious ‘newbies’.
The more recent phenomenon of social media & online networking is excellent for building the brand of ‘You inc.’ but to get serious & consistent business by this method takes time & effort for results in the long term.
However, PPC when done properly produces highly targeted leads in consistent numbers where you get to control the budget, message, markets &quality of lead produced.
Mike Dillard has a gift for producing top content & his latest production is no different. In his latest video he interviews 2 ‘old school MLMers’ who began using PPC just 4 short months ago & who now produce 90+ FREE leads per day using PPC. Imagine how your business would simply explode if you were able to learn how to do this! Mike also interviews the legendary PPC maverick Jim Yaghi who reveals the 5 most common mistakes people make with PPC & how to correct them.
PPC Domination with Mike Dillard can be viewed at

Duration : 0:2:34

[youtube NKq3YtIifm8]