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A funny rap that tells 2 different stories of Social Media being used.
Addicted to the power
cause I’m online for hours
10 tabs open on firefox browser
24 hours like my name Jack Bauer
conference call with the boss so I use Calliflower
but back to the topic
I just can’t stop it
another album sale for the Poetic Prophet
look like this one came from MySpace
so I log in post a comment tell the dude thanks
then login to Facebook and accept friends
thats the same dude who hit me on Linkedin
sent me a message with a link to his page
had a WordPress blog that talked about J’s
peeked my interest
my favorite tennis
so I dugg it, stumbled it, and add it to delicious
then post a comment said I gotta be trippin
I ain’t never seen those I must be slippin
said if you buy those I’ll give you free shippin
told him size 13 and put some socks with it
a couple days later my package was delivered
so I took a picture
and put it on Flickr
Social Media is for the more than partying
network with those interested in what you are in
that’s what I call social media targeting
gotta do it right for social media marketing

got an Facebook message from an unknown girl
said check my profile my name is Pearl
said I saw you on YouTube
I like what you do
I found you on Twitter and I follow you too
I like big guys and I think that you cute
so hit me up and I can get closer to you
cause in my world
I’ll make your toes curl
get on my Tweetdeck and I’ll show you how it Twhirl
sent her a message that said hold on Pearl
you moving way too fast and plus I got a girl
I love her so much and I think she so sweet
and if she see you she gonna bust your BubbleTweet
you trying to get a hook
I can show you where to look
click on one of them ad’s on the side of Facebook
all kinds of places where you can go and mingle
you probably need the one that say Christian Singles
my phone rang, Chuck, you got it all wrong
like Marvin Gaye, lets get it on
your Imeem playlist got my favorite song
that’s your high school, I know what you got
I did my research, I found you on Spock
you voted for Barack and you use Firefox
you like Jay Z and anything from the Roc
sent a message on Virb but you haven’t logged in
you use Gtalk so what your IM
I know where you at so stop playing hard to get
you left Pop Labs and you went to StomperNet
you signed up for Plurk but didn’t really like the style
you got 2 blogs but haven’t posted in a while
Chuck you need to stop it
gone and get it poppin
I want you to like me just like you like the Rockets
I’m a big girl I got love by the bundle
I said girl you look like Scarlet took a tumble
and how you get my number
you need to get it lost
your feelings is all false
man I’m finna log off
cause I’m…

Duration : 0:3:29

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