1. High Cost of Medicine – Marketing Disease/Pushing Drugs

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For years, drug companies (pharmaceuticals AKA Big Pharma) have been taking the public for a costly ride and making a killing in the process — seriously, a lot of people are dying as a result. In this documentary, find out how Big Pharma’s clever politics and marketing schemes are tailored specifically to empty out our bank accounts and force us to sell-off our homes if need be, for drugs that would otherwise cost a few pesos elsewhere in the world. But it doesn’t stop there:

With so much profit potential glistening in their eyes, these companies have little incentive to provide cures. Rather, they recycle old drugs, modifying them ever so slightly (often resulting in deadly tails), for the single purpose of acquiring new patents; thus, renewing their monopoly over pricing. But that’s only the beginning (see the video for more info)…

1. High Cost of Medicine – Marketing Disease/Pushing Drugs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc5MPhOfW6M

2. High Cost of Medicine – “Me Too Drugs”

3. High Cost of Medicine – Same Drug, Different Pill

4. High Cost of Medicine – “Gifts and Trips”

5. High Cost of Medicine – Manipulated Clinical Research

6. High Cost of Medicine – Selling Inferior Medicine

7. High Cost of Medicine – Deceptive Advertising

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  1. You have done no …
    You have done no research into that statement at all. All you know is what you’ve watched on the T.V or read in the tabloids. Which are government propaganda machines

  2. Great video and I …
    Great video and I look forward to your next one. Hey if you get a chance, stop by my channel and check out what I have going on. Let me know when you have something up

  3. My doctor will not …
    My doctor will not see pharmaceutical reps for samples because she feels they are pushing her to prescribe their meds to patients instead of her prescribing the best treatment meds and I wholeheartedly agree.

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  5. Great video! …
    Great video! Thanks for sharing.

    Something I learned a long the way “Help others create more success in their lives and your own success will sky rocket!”

    To Your Success and Prosperity,

    Beau Bridgewater

  6. Wow, they act like …
    Wow, they act like cults. Looking for sick, weak people, make them hopes and take their money!

  7. You’re dumb as …
    You’re dumb as if you have no medical degree and would actually go to your doctor saying “I want this medication” from watching a commercial. Of course I feel bad for these naive people, though, because that’s exactly who these businesses go out of their way to target… not intelligent and reasonable people.

  8. Wrote a very …
    Wrote a very informative Lyme brochure with the help of 2 Lyme specialists. Will email to anyone.
    Elaine in VA

  9. Big pharma, big …
    Big pharma, big food and the government are all in bed together – scratching each others back, with no regard for what is best for the public.

  10. Your “intuitive” …
    Your “intuitive” understanding of the way the human body works is dangerously naive. GM food will feed millions of starving people in a completely safe way. Medical advances and prescription drugs have dramatically improved our life expectancy and quality of life. I’m not saying everything is perfect now, but medical technology continues to significantly improve our lives.

  11. It fits all in the …
    It fits all in the plan to poison this ever growing humankind.

    Our numbers are getting out of hand and that off course is the truth, but to poison humankind is that the solution?

    Big food, big chemo and big pharma are plotting to kill us slowly, take our money and then finish large numbers of us off.

    At the end of 2009 all vitamins get forbidden, if we have to believe the anti Codex Alimentarius movement.

    Still agree that there are 5 billion people too many.

  12. People need to …
    People need to understand their physical requirements.The body is a natural organism it requires natural foods.Every drug needs an antidote think of all the poisonous drugs they have feed us through processed G.M and prefabricated foods plus they contaminate live stock with drugs for our food supply.All this is what makes us ill in the 1st place.then they offer their cure.Eat healthy If it grows naturally itself,then its food. that simple.every thing else will eventually make you sick.

  13. I dont think that …
    I dont think that is the problem. Since they dont have any regulations from the FDA. They make more ineffective drugs. Thats how they make the money since no one is bossing around telling them that their drugs is not effective. So why not make more drugs, more drugs more money in the bank. This is what happen. As one woman stated for the pharma: New drugs is better than nothing! Physicians receive new drugs for joint pain. Since not yet discovered if this drugs is effective. Lets Test it first!

  14. 1. Stop watching TV …
    1. Stop watching TV, use the internet instead. 2. Watch what you eat, get some exercise.
    3. Use alternative medicine.
    4. Reduce or eliminate vaccines.
    5. Vote for Ron Paul.

  15. What big pharma/ …
    What big pharma/gonernment doesn’t want you to know!

    Google > American College of Physicians Medical Marijuana

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