I want to ask someone who is more experienced in the field of SEO marketing. How could I learn basics of SEO? I’m currently working as a freelance provider as a data entry professional, but I want to learn the SEO thing from scratch. I started reading free SEO guides available in the web but still not contented with it.

Please help.

If you have a web design company, try finding a SEO company to work with. My company was strictly graphics and web design, and for over a year I outsources all of my SEO jobs to a company I liked. Over the time, I slowly picked up things (all for free) and now I would consider myself very well versed in the field. I have now merged my company with the other to create http://www.Webmosa.com – I am very happy with the way I learned. Plus, if you plan to sell the service you are at least getting trained by actual professionals in the field. SEO changes over time, and one needs to stay on top of the game in order to be the best. Google "Tacoma SEO", within 1 month of the merger and launch of our new site we are already 5th on page one – crushing other companies that have been around for years.

To be the best, learn from the best. SEO books and blogs are often out dated.