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December 16, 2009

Another phishing scam



Last night I got an instant message from an old friend. It was a fairly simple message.  “Hey, I just found this old video of you.  Check it out and it had a link.”  I clicked on the link becuase she is a trusted source and was surprised to find out that it directed me to a virus site.

I was lucky.  This site had already been reported and I got the warning screen and I didn’t suffer any harm.  She was hacked.

How’d it happen?  She got an e-mail supposidly from Facebook with the subject line Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Important Message.

Just a warning, but if you didn’t ask to reset your password, it’s probably is a scam.

Additionally, don’t open any file that doesn’t come from a trusted source.  You could be infecting your  computers.  You should also know that no credit card company, bank, or online entity asks via email for updates to financial or personal content. Ever.  Although if you owe them money, they might ask for a payment 🙂

Hope that helps!

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Mr. Splashy Pants and Social Media TED Video.  See the case study on how this whale from Greenpeace got his name.

The Future of Search:
This is crazy!
Do a google search for Copenhagen, then under options click the plus sign.  This opens a left side bar. Click on latest.  Do it! Then step away and watch your screen

Want to know what you should be paying for SEO/SEM? I got this link from a friend who is also in the marketing business. I think this is a fair and balanced view of what businesses are being charged and the value of these services.

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Google Releases URL Shortener


Google gets into the URL shortner name.  Many are offering this service–I’m sure you’ve seen them and budurl to name a few.  What’s interesting is that Google will now know the desination url without having to go through the trouble of clicking through (they can do this with their software)–

I’m Google certified, but I’d be lying if I said that I’m not concerned about how much personal information Google has about me.  Think aout it.  They have your search history.  If you have a gmail account, they have your contact list.  They keep datapoints (different bits of data on you and your website or your surfing habits) on your websites, blogs and analytics.  They can tell where you’re located even if you’re not logged into your Google account.  Now, if you use their shortener, they can see what sites interest you to pass on to others via Facebook and Twitter.

I think there is a huge potential for abuse–from a company that does’t have a great track record for privacy issues.  I guess you can say I have a love-hate relationship with Google.  I can’t live without them, but at the same time, see the potential for abuse.  Let’s say your teenaged child is doing a research project on 9/11.  They search about terrorists and maybe go to one of the Middle Eastern web sites.  Or maybe your teenager surfs for porn without your knowledge on your computer.  Now Google has that information–that you might be a terrorist or at least might be sympathetic to terrorists or that you like porn.  You can see how that could be a problem.  You can read more about it here.

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Quote of the Week:

Never Retire: I’m busier now than I’ve ever been. I don’t think about the money. I do it to help people. Don’t stop. You’ve got to work your mind. A lot of people talk about the good old days. Bullshit. The good old days are right this second –Jack LaLanne aged 95 quoted in Inc Magazine

A little birdie told me:  twitter bird.png

How many times did we hear that from our parents when growing up?  I used to wonder how my mom or dad knew certain things.  They always answered “a little birdie told me.”

Now, I’m a parent and I have a little birdie–Facebook and Twitter.  How did I find out my son had a new girlfriend, was unhappy or was going to the movies?  Facebook and Twitter.  It’s funny, he hasn’t realized yet quite how I know such things.  Let’s hope he doesn’t realize and unfriend me.  For the time being, I feel better knowing what he’s up to.

It does make us realize though that we now do live in transparent glass houses.  Govern yourselves accordingly.