Social Media is all the rage…

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JANAUARY 20, 2010

Social Media is EVERYWHERE…

I’ve been saying this for some time as you all know, but social media
is  here to stay and it has changed how we interact with our customers and friends.   Do keep in mind though that social media is not a replacement for other forms of marketing, but more as an extension of it.  You  ignore social media at your own peril!

Here’s just a few examples of how this medium has changed how we interact.

Last week I had some issues with sixty seven of our websites.
They were all down.   How did I find out what was wrong?  Twitter.
When I couldn’t get through to tech support where our servers were housed and there was no news on this on Google news,  I checked out Twitter and found out that thirty million websites went down because of an attack on the servers.

Last year when a US Airway’s flight had an emergency landing on the Hudson River, the first news on it was reported on Twitter.  I found out about Michael Jacksons death on Facebook before I saw it on TV or the radio.

Google also considers social media important and below is a video by Google’s Matt Cutts on how Google ranks links on social media.

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Don’t Ingore E-mail.

Interestingly enough email still a great way to market.  On average brings in an average of 57.25 for every dollar spent.

Do you have a list you’re not mailing to?  If so, you are leaving money on the table.  Not everyone who reaches to you will buy immediately.

How many times have you called a prospect six months after their initial reach and found out they bought froma competitor?  Unless you stay in touch, they won’t remember you when they are ready to purchase.

Done correctly, and with the right product, e-mail is still one of the lowest cost forms of reaching your target market.

If you need help getting out a newsletter, or building a  list, just let us know.

Featured client of the month.  Keystone Factoring.


Do you have to wait a month or more before you get paid from your clients?

Keystone Capital Funding buys your accounts receivable so you get paid now. Click on the above image to see the site!

We actually picked up this client as a result of Social Media.  I noticed that he had asked a mutual friend for a recommendation for a company that could build a wordpress website for him.  I called and the rest is history.  Here is what he had to say about working with us:

Laura and the staff at YadaYada converted my existing ASP site into WordPress so I could take advantage of the inherent SEO capabilities.  We were going to use a stock theme but Laura and Mark created a custom template so I could keep my existing layout.  The end result exceeded my expectations and the communication during development was excellent.  Laura would return emails and phone calls promptly and sometimes make revisions while
I was on the phone with her.   It would take my old web company
2-3 days to make a minor change.  I also liked that Laura didn?t nickel and dime me for extra features that weren?t included in our original agreement.
Now that my website has launched, I’m looking forward to working with YadaYada on a SEO plan

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