For most of the world, today is March 14th, or 3/14. To most, that date doesn’t have any special meaning. But to us math nerds, it means only one thing: today is Pi Day! Thankfully, it looks like Google has no shortage of number nerds, because the search giant is marking the occasion with a spiffy new logo filled with some of choice geometry formulas.

? (Pi) is the mathematical constant that has helped school children and mathematics professors determine the circumference of a circle based on its diameter for centuries. The constant starts with 3.14 and continues forever (as it is an irrational number). Many math geeks celebrate the famous math constant (and mathematics in general) on every 14th of March because that date represents the first three digits of Pi.

Google’s new logo, which you can see on the top right, contains not only the famous ?r2 formula, but five other uses of ?: measuring the volume of a sphere (V = 4⁄3 ?r3), computing the circumference of a circle (C = 2?r), measuring the volume of a cylinder (V = ?r2h), Archimedes’ calculation of Pi (223/71 < ? < 22/7), and even the measuring of a wave.

As a former physics major and long-time math nerd, I love Pi Day, and I am very happy that Google not only celebrated the occasion but created such an intricate logo to mark this day. Almost everyone worldwide will see this logo: it’s Mothers Day in the UK (the fourth Sunday of Lent), and thus they have their own logo to celebrate it, which we have included below.

How will you celebrate Pi Day? Please let us know in the comments!

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