Google has released the Google Buzz widget for Android, which will make updating your status or tagging your location easier.

Google first launched Google Buzz for mobile about six weeks ago, and while the overall Buzz platform has undergone some changes and refinements, the mobile aspect of the service hasn’t really changed — until now.

One of my favorite Android features is that certain programs will let you use home screen widgets for easy access. This is most useful in a search or a social context — which is why having a widget for Google Buzz makes total sense.

The widget is only available in English right now, and it requires at least Android 1.6. Search “Google Buzz” in the Android Market to download the app. Once it’s downloaded, it can be added to your home screen the same way you add any other widget — click on your home screen menu, click on “add” select “widgets” and then select the option for Google Buzz.

When you use the widget, you can choose to either add a photo or series of photos or to declare your location and make your update public or private. Android users — does a Google Buzz widget make you more likely to use Buzz? Let us know!

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