Build a Downline with Google Adwords Like Mike Dillard..

Not 1 in 1000 AdWords marketersâ??not even most of the so-called "gurus" knows about this. But after analyzing Google's software and keyword analysis patterns, Jim discovered a way to change the "color" of his Google ads so they stick out like a red car in a lot full of white cars.
Here are even more of the insider AdWords secrets you'll learn:

Which exact words, phrases and ideas instantly grab the attention of the BEST network marketing prospects. (Works even if your ad is poorly written!)
The ONLY type of prospect you should target in your first AdWords ad.

What you must NEVER do in your Google ads… even though you see other people doing it. (This is another "classic blunder" most AdWords marketers make. Whatever you do… DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE.)
A clever (and very sneaky) way to use AdWords to secretly "recruit" a Google searcher's friends and family to …

Duration : 54 sec

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