Alright guys, in this video I'm going to answer the question My Network Marketing Opportunity Failed, Do I Get A Refund?

Well first of all, that's understandable since there is a 97% failure rate in the network marketing business opportunity industry.

But two very important things I'd like to point out about your network marketing business.

2.) This isn't something that you just picked up at the store and was broke, so you want to return it. This is an actual Business that YOU invested in.

2.) Your company / opportunity / business opportunity didn't fail, YOU FAILED!

That right I said it, it's your fault, and no-one elses, that your network marketing opportunities failed!

Now that may be a tough pill to swallow, but watch the video and I'll explain why that is, and how you can generate endless MLM / Multi-Level Marketing, home based business, network marketing leads for FREE.

To your success,

Tim Scott

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Duration : 3 min 19 sec

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