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Iron Man 2 hits theaters soon and Marvel and Paramount are teaming up to put together some very cool augmented reality web experiences.

At the UK Iron Man 2 website, users can use their webcams to get suited up with either an Iron Man or War Machine helmet, as well as take a look at what the HUD (heads up display) would look like through Iron Man or War Machine’s perspectives.

These sorts of features are pretty standard AR-fare these days, but what makes the Iron Man 2 approach interesting is that you can record your interactions and then link to the videos on Facebook or Twitter or embed them on your own website.

Rendering the customized video takes a really long time so I’ll save you all from seeing me aimlessly moving my head around, but you can still get insight into how this tech works in this demo:

Before you can start having AR fun, you’ll need to install a plugin on your Windows or Mac computers but after that, set-up is a snap. We love seeing this sort of technology, especially when it can be customized and shareable.

What do you think of how movie studios use AR to promote films and characters? Let us know!

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