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New York’s Times Square was evacuated tonight after a suspicious device was found in an SUV.

Police confirmed that the device was a bomb, but there was no explosion and Times Square was safely evacuated. The story is still developing.

Live webcams are pointed at Times Square 24/7, and that means the events were streamed live on the web. Earthcam (embedded below), currently shows a deserted scene outside TGI Friday’s on 46th St and Broadway. But at 7pm, the live cam showed a packed street — by 8pm, there were only a couple of bystanders. At 9pm, Times Square was deserted save for police vehicles.

The live feed is embedded below, along with captures before and after the evacuation.

Have you seen Tweets, YouTube videos or Flickr photos from the scene? Let us know in the comments.

Times Square Live Webcam

Times Square Webcam, 7pm May 1st 2010

Times Square Webcam, 8pm May 1st 2010

Times Square Webcam, 9pm May 1st 2010

Times Square Webcam, 10pm May 1st 2010

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