Call Us Now 1-800-920-1985 You know, I got a call the other day from a subscriber the other day, and I wanted to pass along the gist of the conversation for you, as it provides a valuable insight into peopleâ??s mindsets, and what it takes to really make your business successful. The subject was about generating leads with pay per click advertising.

The phone call went something like thisâ?¦after the initial introductions and such, and the guyâ?¦.was pretty irateâ?¦.at first. 😉 Read the whole thing and youâ??ll understand 😉

Iâ??ll call the guy Bob, even though thatâ??s not his name really.

â??You know Kurt, thanks for the email and video about PPC, but Iâ??m sick and tired of all you guys out there just not coming out there and telling us how to do PPC and generate leads with it? You tell us the best way to get leads, but donâ??t tell us how to do it!â?

At this point, I smiled, and politely responded, â??Hey Bob, Iâ??ve got a question for youâ?¦…

Duration : 7 min 23 sec

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