Today is the Google I/O Conference in San Francisco. The search giant is making several announcements on Google Wave and many of its other products.

Here are my live notes on today’s keynote:

Google I/O Keynote: Live Notes

– VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra is addressing the crowd with some housekeeping notes and an introduction to Google I/O

– HTML5 has gained momentum

– Now Vic is asking: “How can we make the web faster?”

– Now Sundar Pichai, VP of Product Management, has taken the stage. He is discussing he evolution of desktop applications.

– Web apps are becoming more powerful due to HTML5. Google’s goal is to move more apps from the desktop to the web.

– Now they are doing a demo of HTML5 and Gmail in Chrome to show off its power.

– New demos: MugTug, an image/photo editing software, and The focus is on the power of Chrome and HTML5

– Clicker is now showing off, a new version of Clicker built for the TV. It’s a lot like YouTube XL.


– Now Google is speaking about making video more accessible. Sundar is talking about On2 Technologies, which Google recently acquired.

– Announcement: VP8 is now open-source as part of a new “WebM” project.

– Mozilla is now on stage to discuss the new WebM project, which “is dedicated to developing a high-quality, open video format for the web that is freely available to everyone.”

– YouTube videos are being converted for the WebM Project.

– Mozilla is showing off what is to come in live video. Text can be copied and pasted, videos can scale, and overall there is just more control over the format and feel of videos through WebM.

– Now the CTO of Opera is on stage to discuss WebM.

– He is demoing Opera running WebM. It’s the same discussion points as Mozilla: We need an open, standard format for web video.

– Google is back on stage, discussing partners. Opera, Skype, Adobe, Nvidia, Logitech, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Theora, Brightcove, and others are part of the project.

– Adobe’s CTO is on stage


– Adobe is talking about its work with HTML5

– First of several demos: Dreamweaver and HTML5. He is showing how it will support HTML5 and help you make it work across multiple devices, as well as how it can manipulate CSS in the context of HTML5

– Second demo: CSS3 Animation Editor. He’s defining shapes and animations via CSS and HTML5.

– This demo…is very in-depth. A few too many steps for an on-stage demo, but he’s doing a good job of showing what is possible.

Web Apps and the Chrome Web Store

– Google is back on stage, discussing how it’s hard for user to find web apps.

– TweetDeck is being demoed by Google. They’re showing off a new version of TweetDeck made entirely in HTML5.

– The Chrome Web Store — it’s a new store for findign and buying applications for use online.

– Games are in the Chrome Web Store as well. Plants vs. Zombies, one of the most popular iPhone/iPad games, is now available in the Chrome Web Store.

– Buying web apps and games is shockingly is very siplistic. It only takes a few clicks.

– Now on stage: Terry McDonnell, Editor of Sports Illustrated.

– Terry is starting off with a video in his demo.

– Demo: Sports Illustrated in HTML5. You can read the magazine in Chrome. Their goal is to translate the bet aspects of the magazine into a web app. It will have live news, live scores, live video feeds, and photos.

– He’s showing off some of the app’s features: saving articles, playing video, integration with Google Buzz, the ability to drill deeper into stories, etc.

– He’s discussing the advertisements in Sports Illustrated’s app. He wants ads to be relevant and be as useful as content. You can do things such as find out where to purchase the items that you see in ads and interact with the ads. “A magazine experience.”

– Chrome Web Store provides developers a window to over 70 million people, according to Google. It’s available in Chrome and Chrome OS and will be available in the Chrome Dev Center soon.

Google Wave

– Google Wave has been opened up to everyone as of today. It is also part of Google Apps as of today.

– The Wave team is discussing how people are using Wave — for example, how a teach is using it to get her students to collaborate on research, or how a Hotel has found it useful for coordinating work.


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