Facebook Introduces New Profile Design [PIC]

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Facebook has just introduced its new profile design. It isn’t a major design overhaul. Just some minor tweaks to make information more visible to visitors browsing your profile.
Instead of having to click the info tab, your information is now displayed right at the top. This change not only allows someone to understand you easily and […]

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  1. Did this guy just want sex or is he interested in more?

    So I had an online profile, and an older, nice looking guy messenged me. We exchanged some emails, I told him how I was lonely and sad after a hurtfull breakup with an ex, and how I didnt know anyone in Brooklyn. He invited me to see a movie the following week (he had free tickets he said) so we meet up and talked about architecture and design (Im a student, hes a practicing architect) and saw the movie, a comedy.

    After the movie, he asked if I wanted to get a drink ( I was happy about that ๐Ÿ™‚ but then he invited his friend, who was kinda obnoxious but friendly. We all hung out and we talked more (mainly about me) and then we took the subway home. At thier stop, he gave me an akward hug and said bye.

    Next day I text him and thank him for the night, and how I enjoyed it. Like 5 hours later he said your welcome, and he had fun too. A few days later I asked him how he was, he said he was working and then going to the gym. I commented he had a nice body, and he told me I had a nice one too (all via text)

    A week passes, I didnt hear from him so I figured oh well hes not into me. But then he texted me to invite me out to a club, so I meet up with him and his same friend and an other older friend of his. It was a little akward because I still didnt know him well and he talked to some other guys, so I felt a little ignored and shy. But then we ended up on the dancefloor, and he told me how he wants to help heal my wounds, and how he thinks im very cute etc. He also asked what im looking for. So we made out, and he said "given whats just happened I think either you invite me back or I invite you back."

    I went back to his place. It was very late, and he lives with alot of people, so we didnt have sex. I had to work in the morning too so we just talked and I left. I know he was hard, and we made out more. He gave me a tour of his place, then I left. Later I texted him thanks and that he had a nice place, he texted back "was a goood night ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks! Glad you liked the place. Xo

    I texted him back the next day: Your really sweet, just thinking about some of the things you said to me at the club. Even though we were both buzzed it was hella cute.

    Then like 7 hours later he texts : Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ and its sweet when you say hella.

    I waited a few hours, then texted him back about seeing a movie next week but havent heard a peep. Its been 3 days.

    I also checked his profile, and it said looking for sex, friendship but no mention of seeking a relationship. Hes been online, as I saw him when I logged on. He also told me he found my Facebook, but hasnt friended me.

    Did he just want sex, and if so why bother introducing me to his friends and roomates etc.?
    and we cuddled too ๐Ÿ™

    Im such a hopeless romantic fool
    "he also said I wanna heal your wounds by taking you out etc"

    "and how he gets nevous when he really likes someone"

  2. hmm well, he certainly doesn’t seem head over heels for you. i think he just wanted sex
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  3. I think he wanted sex. Maybe he introduced you to his roommates to not be rude, idk about the friends though.
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