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I have an online store and the profit margin on various items range from about 20-$100. I have heard PPC advertising does work, but I have tried it with my store and it just did not work out.

Good question… As one who consults companies on PPC I can say that if you are spending $10 with PPC to make $20 profit then you should keep doing your PPC.

It’s simply a matter of maths. If you are making money from PPC and coming out ahead then why stop.

The thing is to better your conversion on your split testing of your ads and working on your CTR (Click Through Rate) I never settle for a click through rate under 5% and quite ofter get 10% to 15% with most campaigns.

I have used what I think is the absolute best guide to learning internet strategies… it’s a free guide. They can be found at http://www,
The course does have a secrion on PPC and it was the best learning overall I ever had.