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Even though you are in the business of promoting SEO optimized web site content, have you effectively set up your own SEO metatags, i.e., <title>, <description> and <keywords>? At best, you merely have placed your domain name as the singular entry for these three metatags. There is need to properly fill-in the initial SEO metatags in order to have your opening webpage [at least] be indexed and ranked [PR] on Google.

Here's an article that may prove helpful in achieving high PR.

Placement of Metatags:

A ranking or search order does take place with Google
and Yahoo and it begins with the "Title" metag which
should consist of no more than 65 characters separated
by commas. The "Title" should describe in generic
terms, the goods and services, followed by a location
from which the resource is located, i.e., city, state.
The placement of a domain name which is not generic
within the "Title" is not appropriate, unless your
domain name is a major recognizable brand name.

The second metatag is the "Description" which is
usually 25-30 words to form a complete sentence which
best describes one's goods and services.

And the very last category – "Keywords" are also
somewhat limited to 15-16 words which can be plural
and compound in nature. Again, avoid multiple entries
which could be mistaken as "spamdexed entries" which
is defined as the loading, and submission of
repetitive words into a particular metatag category.
"Spamdexing" when discovered on a webpage and reported
to Google's can result in the
elimination of your website from their search

Here's an example of a very highly-placed website on Begin with the very "generic" search query
"sandwiches downtown los angeles," taking note to not
abbreviate Los Angeles to "LA" and of course, leave
out the parentheses ("). It will bring up some 2.4
million+ search results. Check out where ""
is ranked. It's ranked No. 1!
Again,'s high web presence was achieved by
proper web design and placement of relevant metatags
according to Google's publication guidelines.

Good luck!