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Never thought it would take that long to see the Ant Couple, Crown J and Seo In Young perform their theme song, Too Much live considering how popular the song and them are with fans. It’s not the most polished performance, but just seeing them on stage performing the song together with energy, with love and the “A! A!” reaction from the crowd is more than enough. A! A! Double A!

translation of what Crown J says at the end thanks to xXeunhaexP

We started too fast (the performance and didn’t get to introduce everyone) and i want to thank you.

Always be happy uhhh and to tell you the truth i wanted to introduce her (seo in young) in a magnificant “wow” way. i had a plan all in my head…

but she already came out (on the stage and started performing), but everyone already knows her.

Please give Seo In Young a lot of love and uhhh she is going to show you her performance so have a good time.

Is everyone happy (having fun)?

Please have a good time and please love seo in young a lot. Goodbye. CINDERELLAAA~~~

Duration : 0:4:59

[youtube rjB7HepTXck]