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  Political Marketing Yada Yada Marketing provides the perfect solution set for your political advertising and political marketing campaign. POLITICAL MARKETING SUCCESS! Offering the most comprehensive digital media and online access for political marketing available. Our services include: Political Market Research and Surveys Grassroots Campaign advertising and access Social Media Buzz Building Search Engine Marketing/Online Advertising Political Email Marketing Multi-Channel …

iePlexus Social Media News Brief: December 23, 2009

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From an update from Twitter's hacking last week to a YouTuber turning Hollywood director, here is a look at some of the top stories happening this week in the world of social media! http://www.ieplexus.com/ http://www.ieplexus.com/blog http://www.ieplexus.com/tv http://www.twitter.com/ieplexus http://www.facebook.com/ieplexus Duration : 2 min 54 sec

(Michael Goldstein) Social Media Expert: Custom API Dev

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http://www.stunmedia.com/whois/michael-goldstein/ (social media expert)+(strategic creative) (Michael Goldstein) for Stun Media Michael_Goldstein (Michael Goldstein) | (Michael)-(Goldstein) a Social Media Expert,(Michael_Goldstein) Michael Goldstein Chief Executive Officer & Strategic Creative (Michael Goldstein). Michael Goldstein heads up Stun Media in Los Angeles. An online conversation architect, Michael combines the technical resourcefulness of a geek, the creative instincts of a gallery owner, and the curiosity …