Viral Vault: Kent Nichols

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An in-depth interview with Ask a Ninja Co-Creator, Kent Nichols. Go behind the scenes of your favorite internet shows every Friday on on our original series, Viral. Check it out at! Duration : 26 min 34 sec

Social Media Science Synnd (Review)

YadaYadaAdmin viral marketing Leave a Comment This is a review on Synnd and Social Media Science. Charles Heflin and his Team at Social Media Science have created a platform to Syndicate Content through the many different Social Media Channels that drives traffic to your website or blog and at the same optimizing search rankings. Duration : 1 min 42 sec

Viral Original: Episode Seventeen

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Our friend Cory Tyler from "Can We Do That?" is our special guest host this episode. We enter Hell's Kitchen to see what Grace from Fearless Cooking can entice us with. Robert Millis from American Microphone gives us his slant on the driving force behind political issues and their impact. And we have even have a peak at the latest …

Increase website traffic.

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Viral Original: Episode One

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In this week's episode, we get an exclusive lesson in animation with Doogtoons creator, Doug Bresler. We also get to know the gentlemen of the hit show, Can We Do That? Plus, find out which shows stole the spotlight in the first ever awards for internet shows- The Vloggies! Duration : 10 min 52 sec