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New Samsung Galaxy Tab Is On The Way

Samsung’s response to the iPad — the Galaxy Tab — is getting an update, one that Samsung hopes will better compete with Apple’s ubiquitous tablet. While the hardware improvements are pretty impressive, it’s the introduction of the Android 3.1 operating …

Cisco Sued, Accused of Helping Design China’s Great Firewall

Following a lawsuit filed against Baidu by eight Chinese New York residents last week, there’s news this morning from The Wall Street Journal that Chinese Falun Gong practitioners have sued Cisco in US […] Related posts: Baidu Sued By Eight New York Residents Over Censorship Bloomberg is reporting this morning that Chinese search giant Baidu… […]

Great Ideas Emerge in Startup Weekend Tokyo

Startup Weekend is being held in Tokyo, Japan right now, and we’re delighted to attend and report what we see. On the first day, entrepreneurs were given a chance to pitch their ideas. […] Related posts: Building A Bullet Proof Startup Thinking of creating your very own high-tech startup? This comprehensive… Global Mobile Internet Conference […]

Apple iOS in China [INFOGRAPHIC]

We got some interesting statistics about the Apple iOS in China, thanks to data from, a China-based mobile analytics company. What strikes us most in the infographic is the percentage of jailbroken […] Related posts: Apple Launches Chinese App Store in China To get into the Chinese market, we must first speak… Apple VS […]

Social Media Disasters: The Do’s and the Don’ts

There are numerous examples in which companies really messed up on social media. For instance, remember Apple’s Antennagate incident or BP’s response to the Gulf oil spill? Both of these incidents resulted in a negative outcry toward both companies on social media channels. Continue reading →

Steve Jobs Responds to iPhone Location Data Logging

Part XVII of the Apple Location Tracking Saga: Or, the one where Steve Jobs maybe responds. Senators, representatives, state officials and entire foreign countries have all requested a response from Apple regarding the involuntary logging of location data in iOS … Continue reading →

Apple to Introduce Smaller, Cheaper iPhone?

Apple is believed to be working on a smaller and cheaper iPhone, reported Bloomberg. The new iPhone plans to battle against Apple’s falling market share. In the last quarter, Google’s Android owned 32.9 […] Related posts: Nokia’s OVI Store is China’s Favorite Mobile App Store A study conducted by iResearch showed that Nokia’s OVI Store… […]

Understanding the rise of China [VIDEO]

Within a decade China will become the largest economy in the world. It’s a huge market but also one that is difficult to understand. One tip given by Martin Jacques, is that China isn’t like the West and it will not become like the West. So, don’t look at China through the Western lenses. To […]