Dropbox Expands Into Asia With Softbank Partnership

According to a report from Bloomberg, online storage company Dropbox has inked a deal with Softbank Corp and Sony Ericsson that should help it expand its user base into both Asia and Europe. […] Related posts: GoAruna Targets China and Gap Between Box.net, Dropbox Online file sharing services like Box.net is large enterprise focused… Softbank […]

Cisco Sued, Accused of Helping Design China’s Great Firewall

Following a lawsuit filed against Baidu by eight Chinese New York residents last week, there’s news this morning from The Wall Street Journal that Chinese Falun Gong practitioners have sued Cisco in US […] Related posts: Baidu Sued By Eight New York Residents Over Censorship Bloomberg is reporting this morning that Chinese search giant Baidu… […]

Baidu Confirms Microsoft Partnership

Yesterday, rumors were spreading across the web that Baidu and Microsoft would be partnering together in China. Today, we received a confirmation email from Baidu acknowledging that a partnership between the two is […] Related posts: Japan’s Docomo, DeNA Announce Mobile Gaming Partnership Two big players on the Japanese mobile scene announced a… Nintendo Confirms […]

BliBli: A New Player in Indonesian E-Commerce

The Indonesian e-commerce battle recently has a new combatant: Blibli.com, which is owned by PT Global Digital Niaga, a subsidiary of Djarum Group. The ownership of Blibli.com is also shared with BCA, one […] Related posts: First Look Inside ‘Baidu Ting’, the Chinese Search Giant’s Licensed Music Player Here’s a first look inside the upcoming […]

China’s Zhongguancun One Step Closer to Silicon Valley

Last week posted about our recent visit to Zhongguancun while we were in Beijing. Commonly referred to as China’s Silicon Valley, this high tech area houses big name companies like Baidu, Sina, Tencent, […] Related posts: China could be the New Silicon Valley Every tech start-up wants to be in Silicon Valley. It’s… Beijing, the […]

Baidu Visits Facebook in Silicon Valley?

Update: Baidu declined to comment as well. Top officials from Baidu were said to have flown to Silicon Valley to talk about a possible collaboration with Facebook, according to a news report by […]

Skype Founder, Zennstrom hunts for Innovative Start-ups in China

There are a lot of giant technology companies in China. But they were all modeled after the U.S: Baidu was inspired by Google, Renren by Facebook and Jiepang by Foursquare. What China is […] Related posts: Tips to Find a Good Co-founder for your Start-up It is tough to be a solopreneur. You enjoy all… […]

Google opens an office in Malaysia (and hiring)

Google said Wednesday it will launch a new office in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The Malaysian office is Google’s second in Southeast Asia followed by the Singapore office. The new Google office will focus on customizing products like Google Maps, News, Google Translate for the locals to boost ad sales around the region. […]

Who earns the most in China’s Online Search Market?

We say ‘google it’ but China says ‘baidu it’. iResearch released its annual report on China’s online search market and Baidu emerged as the top earner. Baidu owned 71.6 percent of the total online search engines revenue at $1.2 billion. While Google, at second placing, owned 26 percent at $433 million. The rest are shared […]

Hitlantis is a Gorgeous World of Indie Music

Penn Olson features start-ups. Find out more here. If you’re into music, you got to check out Hitlantis, a Finland-based free-to-listen indie music web start-up. I’m promoting it with strong reasons. My first on-trial impression was great. After signing up (takes just 30 seconds), you are thrown straight into its music database and greeted by a […]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Visits China

Every business wants a piece of China. Now, Facebook has made its move as CEO Mark Zuckerberg toured the offices of China’s top search engine, Baidu on Monday. This visit again signals Mark Zuckerberg’s intention to establish Facebook in China. The TIME’s 2010 Person of the Year has been studying the Chinese language and its […]

Google Slides To Third Place In Chinese Online Ad Market

It’s a pretty well-known fact that Baidu’s beaten Google in China, and all of Google’s efforts to reverse that fact haven’t accomplished much.  Unfortunately for the company, those efforts also failed to hold off another rival, as a new report puts Alibaba ahead of Google in the online ad market. Owen Fletcher wrote earlier today, […]

Baidu CEO: 99% of China Uses Our Search Engine

The CEO of Baidu, one of China’s largest and most powerful Internet companies, believes Baidu is China’s largest search engine, doubled in value since January and is worth just as much as Facebook and eBay. It has been kicking Google’s…