Japan, China rank Top 5 in Global Patent Applications Ranking

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Japan had 32,156 patent applications while China had 12,337 in 2010, according to World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) estimates. When most countries experienced a decline in patent applications growth last year, Japan managed to record a growth rate of 7.9 percent. While China, the world’s largest Internet market grew by a whopping 56.2 percent. ZTE […]

Online Retail Spending Tops Record $40 Billion

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U.S. online retail spending reached a record $43.4 billion in the fourth quarter of 2010, an increase of 11 percent over a year ago, according to a new report from comScore. This growth rate is the fifth consecutive quarter of positive year-over-year growth and second quarter of double-digit growth rates in the past year. “Retail e-commerce had a strong fourth …

CDs To Get Cheaper: Will You Buy Them? [POLL]

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Universal Music Group will drop the prices on the majority of its new CD releases to between six and 10 dollars. This plan — dubbed the Velocity program — will go into effect in the second quarter of this year. UMG hopes this plan will at least slow the serious decline in CD sales that has been going on since …