Joomla Mailer from MailChimp

Email service provider MailChimp today announced the launch of Joomailer, a new integration for the popular Joomla! platform.  Joomla! users are able to manage MailChimp lists, create campaigns and manage reports from their Joomla! dashboard, essentially replicating most of the MailChimp web-based features in a 3rd party site. This is the… [[ This is a […]

Unsubscribe: Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Email service provider ExactTarget has published a series of reports, the most recent (#8) of which details why consumers end brand relationships (permission-based email and social channels like Twitter and Facebook), how they do it, and "the impact of this 'social break-up' on consumers’ intent to do business with… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit […]

Delivra Partners with Adobe

Adobe is quietly building up one of the most powerful online marketing platforms available. Email services provider Delivra just today announced an integration with Adobe SiteCatalyst which will enable marketers to send email messages to specific list segments based on the online activity of customers (courtesy of Adobe's Omniture… [[ This is a content summary […]

Facebook can make Email Social but can it Kill Gmail?

Hailing from the Bay Area, Brian has recently been immersed in the social media whirlwind, following a combination of never-ending startups and the big giants (Google, Apple, Facebook). In his free time he is glancing at the stock market, chowing down delicious food, coaching tennis, or hanging with friends. Today, everything is becoming social, including […]

Freemium Works; MailChimp Proves It

Kudos are in order for Atlanta based email service provider MailChimp which passed the 500,000 user mark. The company is attributing much of its growth to the wildly popular freemium offering it offered in September 2009 (which Website Magazine covered online here and in print) where individuals and companies could sign up with up to […]