India’s SnapDeal Surpasses LivingSocial, Threatens Groupon

Groupon enjoyed a good two year head start in the group buying industry, but is now facing stiff competition not only from Amazon-invested LivingSocial but also India’s group buying site SnapDeal has […] Related posts: Facebook Usage Surpasses Orkut in India It is official – Facebook is the number one ranking,… Groupon Acquires SoSasta […]

Politician Tin Pei Ling Faces Facebook Petition Trouble

The Singapore General Election ended. All was good, except for Ms. Tin Pei Ling who isn’t really popular among Singaporeans, or at least Facebook-ers in Singapore. We spotted at least 5 Facebook pages […] Related posts: Nicole Seah is Singapore’s Second Most Popular Politician on Facebook Just 3 days ago, 24-year-old Nicole Seah who is […]

Blogs and Purchase Decisions [CHARTS]

Print advertisements and magazines used to be our main source of product information. But with the rise of the Internet, search engines and blogs have taken up the responsibilities. We can easily search and learn about a product within minutes. Product reviews are everywhere on the Internet and they are usually accompanied with users’ comments […]

Apple to hit $200 Billion in Sales by 2015 [FORECAST]

According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, Apple could hit $200 billion sales by 2015, the New York Times reported. The forecasted sales figure would be three times more than Apple’s latest 12 months ended sales of $65 billion and 100 times more than Groupon’s annual revenue. The audacious estimate is heavily based on Apple’s […]

Social Media Advertisements Drive Purchase Intention

The Faces of Social Media is a social media research jointly conducted by Knowledge Networks and MediaPost Communications. The intent of the ongoing study is to measure the social media landscape in the U.S and determine the influence of social media on products and services. After surveying 2,242 people from age 13 to 80-year-old, the […]

Apple Launches Chinese App Store in China

To get into the Chinese market, we must first speak its language. Apple did exactly that as it launches an application store in simplified Chinese. The Chinese version of the app store is launched after Chinese users complained about the difficulties to understand the app store in English. After opening two new retail stores in […]

Hobbyists Build Google Android-Powered Robot [VIDEO]

Enterprising hobbyists Tim Heath and Ryan Hickman have created cellbots — with names like Tankbot and Truckbot — that are simply robots powered by Android devices. With just $30, an Android device, and a little creativity the pair were able to create the cellbots which process commands via telnet on PCs. The bots can move […]