Leave Explicit SERP Feedback for Google

Google is on the hunt for content farms – sites with shallow or low quality content – announcing the release of an experimental Chrome extension for people to block sites from appearing in their Web search results.  In addition to blocking the site from appearing, the extension also sends the blocked site's information to Google. […]

Facebook's Ads: Relevant or Missing the Mark?

I’ve always seen a great deal of potential in Facebook’s advertising offering. The premise is that ads are highly targeted based on users’ profile information. Theoretically, the more a user adds info about the kinds of things they like, the better idea Facebook has about what they are actually interested in, and can serve ads […]

Bing Integrates Facebook to Create Social Shopping Lists

Bing has added a new feature this week that integrates Facebook with Bing Shopping search results. Users can now create a shopping list on Bing and then post the list to their Facebook Wall to get feedback from friends and family. Shoppers now have the…(read more) [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my […]

Netflix via Wii Is Almost Here

Netflix has announced that it’s entered the final stages for the rollout of Netflix for the Wii. Starting in the next few days, several lucky customers are going to get the new Netflix via Wii to so that Netflix can gather final feedback. The announcement, from Netflix Vice President of Marketing Jessie Becker, is short […]