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Thoughts on Asia, China, and Digital Media [INTERVIEW]

For the most part, digital media like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs were very much originated from and were popularized by Westerners. Asia is slowly picking up the pace and this trend is unearthing […] Related posts: LinkedIn in Asia: India 9, Australia 2, China 1 [INFOGRAPHIC] Congrats to LinkedIn, you hit the 100 million users […]

Open Source and the ERP Market

Open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) company Openbravo indicated that its software has been downloaded over two million times – making it one of the most (if not the most) ERP solutions on the market today. The milestone comes just a few months after the release of Openbravo 3. The professional and community versions of […]

Instagram Catapults to 1 Million Registered Users

Photo-sharing app Instagram has just hit a major milestone: 1 million registered users. The free iPhone app hit the App Store in early October, gaining an impressive 100,000 signups in its first week. Clearly, that trend has…

HootSuite Reaches 1 Million Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media dashboard HootSuite has reached an important milestone: one million registered users. To celebrate the event, HootSuite shared with us some stats from its two-year history. HootSuite users send over one million messages per day, mostly on Twitter,…

Hulu Sets Ad Impression Record In October

New comScore video data is out, and as usual, a few corporations traded places in terms of successfully attracting unique viewers.  The bigger story, though, may be the fact that Hulu showed its users over 1.1 billion ads in October, which is more than twice as many as the number two entity, Tremor Media Video […]

Lady Gaga Beats Obama to 10 Million Facebook Fans

Lady Gaga is the first living music artist to acquire 10 million fans or “Likes” on Facebook, beating U.S. President Barack Obama by around 700,000. She reached the milestone earlier this weekend. Gaga previously made…

Microsoft Office 2010 Ready for Release

Microsoft Office 2010 has reached the release to manufacturing (RTM) stage, marking the end of development for the popular office software. Now the software will be distributed to manufacturers, followed by businesses, retailers, and customers. In general, when a piece of software reaches the release to manufacturing stage, it is ready for mass distribution. Microsoft […]

The Rise of Foursquare in Numbers [STATS]

Yesterday, Foursquare turned one. You read that right: The mobile social network that made its splash at SXSW 2009 and has tremendous buzz is just 366 days old. Despite that short amount of time, Foursquare has more than half a million users, 1.4 million venues and 15.5 million checkins, and it’s still growing. Experian Hitwise […]