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Impact Newsletter Nr. 20

PUNKS IN SPACE / Folge 1 Die erste Folge der neuen Serie “Punks in Space”, in der man erfährt wie es unsere Helden mitsamt ihrem Bunker in die Weiten des Alls verschlägt… Duration : 0:9:49

Jello Biafra presents a clip of Jello Biafra performing at Vancouver East Cultural Centre on April 7, 2006 Duration : 0:2:35

Pocket PC Emulator

The Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Emulator Is Amazing. You can run any program that windows mobile can run. You can even sync the virtual pda with activesync. Get it here: Music: Track 1 – “Technologic” By Daft Punk Track 2 – “Last Chance” By Jet Duration : 0:6:37