Future of Open Source Bright

Results from the fifth annual Future of Open Source Survey were released this week and the future looks bright. Open source is now "fully embraced by both the public and private sectors, and is being implemented across a wide variety of markets and applications such as social publishing and big data" according to the study…. [[ […]

"Smart" Web Consumers Have Higher Expectations

On-demand e-commerce platform provider Demandware has released the results of a survey examining the shopping behaviors and preferences of online consumers. Conducted in early 2011, the survey focused on consumers who are innately drawn to the Web, accessing it several times per day for information, from multiple touch points and locations. Of… [[ This is […]

HOW TO: Create a Location-based Marketing Campaign

Location-based marketing is one of the major trends in the digital advertising world. Instead of increasing web traffic and hoping that customers will visit and make purchase, location-based marketing directly helps your business increase foot traffic, bringing consumers closer to your physical point of sales. However, with so many different location technologies like Gowalla, Foursquare, […]

Social Media Advertisements Drive Purchase Intention

The Faces of Social Media is a social media research jointly conducted by Knowledge Networks and MediaPost Communications. The intent of the ongoing study is to measure the social media landscape in the U.S and determine the influence of social media on products and services. After surveying 2,242 people from age 13 to 80-year-old, the […]

Smartphones Will Get a Workout from Holiday Shoppers

Nearly half of the consumers polled in an IDC survey said they will use their smartphones to compare prices while shopping this holiday season. Another 32 percent said they also plan on accessing online reviews from their mobile devices. In a separate study, Yahoo! found that two-thirds of all mobile users intend to use their […]

Twitter’s Plans: Reputation Score, Location Ads, Ping and More

Twitter has 370,000 people signing up as new users every day. With a robust user growth rate, Twitter can now better focus on its business model. During the past few months, we have seen several creative ad products introduced by Twitter, namely @EarlyBird, Promoted Tweets and Trends. These products have enjoyed success and Twitter has […]

MySpace’s New Strategy: It’s no longer a Social Network

The battle between MySpace and Facebook for social-network dominance was long over. Facebook won and MySpace needed a new direction to stay competitive. You have probably heard by now that MySpace had recently gone through a design facelift. The new design was to support its new strategy. It’s no longer a social network. Instead, it’s […]

Make Money with Google Adwords and Adsense

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