Latest Firefox Beta Available for Testing

Mozilla announced today that the next major version of Firefox is ready for testing. That would be Firefox 4 beta, and Mozilla says it includes faster start-up time and bookmarking, and that it caters to smoother complex animations.  "Firefox 4 Beta is built for the way people use the Web today, offering more control over […]

Yahoo's Personalized Retargeting Can't Miss

While one of the hottest topics on the Web today, retargeting is hardly a new concept for online marketers. In fact, Yahoo! writes on its advertising blog that it invented search retargeting more than a year ago. That much is open for debate, but Yahoo’s continued push for a return to Web prominence is not. […]

Rechristen Yourself with the Wu-Tang Clan Nickname Generator [Randomly Viral]

For some unexplained reason, a little app called the Wu-Tang Clan Nickname Generator is making its way around the web. Well, all I have to say is: Thanks, Internet! Maybe it’s because GZA has a new album in the works, maybe the clubs played the “Fantasy” ODB/Mariah Carey remix one too many times, maybe someone […]