Indonesian uses Twitter as WikiLeaks

@Benny_Israel tweeted last Thursday that he knows the dark secrets of Indonesia and wishes to share it with the world. His bold tweet was accompanied with a disclaimer that seeks correction if any information is revealed incorrectly. So far, Benny has revealed that he knows a number of U.S based companies, which committed bribery and […]

The WikiLeaks Story… So Far [INFOGRAPHIC]

Besides Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, Julian Assange is another ‘Person of the Year‘ frequently named by our readers. In fact, he is readers’ choice for Time’s magazine Person of the Year 2010. 2010 has been an exploding year for Assange and WikiLeaks. Almost every day we are hearing news about WikiLeaks. From whistleblowing, boycotts from […]

Bank of America Blocks WikiLeaks Payments

Financial giant Bank of America has added its name to the list of institutions dropping support for WikiLeaks, announcing that it has stopped handling any payments to or from the whistle-blowing website. Said the bank in a statement to… (and Taken Down By Wikileaks-Supporting Hackers?

Update 2: The group (Operation Payback) credited with bringing down both and has had its Facebook Page removed for violating terms of service. Update: is now down as well. is still down. (As of 4:30pm Eastern) Original Article: is down. It’s reportedly been down for hours now.  It would appear that […]

PayPal Permanently Restricts WikiLeaks Account

The list of organizations banning WikiLeaks is growing; now PayPal has made it clear that the whistleblower website is no longer welcome through its virtual doors. The move closes the primary online channel for donations to the controversial organization,…

Why Amazon Dropped WikiLeaks

Amazon has issued a statement explaining why it dropped WikiLeaks from its web servers. Yesterday, we learned that the controversial whistleblower site had been kicked off Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company’s actions were praised by U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman,…

Amazon Bans WikiLeaks From Its Servers

Whistleblower website WikiLeaks has been kicked off’s U.S. servers after moving its operations just a day ago. The move by Amazon comes after questioning from U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman, the chairman of the House Security Committee. “This morning…