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  1. atariul

    He’s REALLY great. …
    He’s REALLY great.

    I somehow thought that he doesn’t come out on TV that much. May I ask why? Someone please tell me. Thanks. :)

  2. tokee1234567

    i know. he’s trying …
    i know. he’s trying a lot of different things in this album

  3. Stairwayys

    He’s so adorable! …
    He’s so adorable! Makes me shocked that he’s 36 😛

    Thanks so much for the upload!

  4. petedoherty10

    THIS PERFORM. “EMA The Killers ‘Human’ COPY


  5. xanetia12

    thanks for this vid …
    thanks for this vid!

    the song sounds cute.
    the dance is cute.
    and mr. seo taiji himself looks cute.
    wow.. what a difference from t’ikt’ak.

  6. einjelbone

    haha. i love this …
    haha. i love this guy. and the dance is cute too. lol.

    i still cant believe that hes actually in his late 30’s. hes so young looking. and talented too!

  7. unwantedsoul2

    how old is he??? he …
    how old is he??? he has a very unique voice… very nice… 😀

  8. GloriousAggressor

    haha yeah, T …
    haha yeah, T doesn’t look 36 does he. Plus he has some amazing marketing ideas in his head.

    I was so surprised that he came out on inkigayo aswell, I nearly myself.

  9. HyeseonIsVIP

    CAn you guys …
    CAn you guys believe that he’s in his late 30’s. GOSH, he looks like he’s in his 20’s or something.

  10. HyeseonIsVIP

    I want to learn the …
    I want to learn the moves, it was adorable. And Taiji oppa is one of teh awesomest artists I ever know.

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