I have a website that is only very small ( 4 pages ) and there isn’t that much text on each page so I suppose SEO wouldn’t be very effective with this website.
What other alternatives do I have? What is the most effective thing you have ever done to your website?

Ok, time for the truth. Content is not king, no matter what someone tells you. That was a gimic by content writers to sell their services. As long as your pages are targeted and some good onpage is completed, quality links will get you top positions in the major search engines.

I have always said that "king content" has no kingdom online without a throne of links.

I have argued with the so called "guru’s" over the years and called out many. Let’s compare traffic and bank accounts of the "king content" crowd against my throne of links and we can settle this dispute once and for all. I have never had a taker, not one! because it is lies and deceptions.

You have 2 options for traffic that will convert, that is SEO or PPC. The reason for this is because it makes YOU the target, not the other way around.

Would you rather be looking for money, or money looking for you?

When you do banners, social and other marketing, you are looking for money in the general population of the internet. With PPC and seo, you are in the right place at the right time every time, so they are looking for you "by keyword search".

When you place an ad on the radio, you are betting that a small precentage of people are interested in what you have to say or offer. This is mass marketing and has a very low return on investment. This is the same as "other" marketing plans online, like banners , social and all of the other crap these other people are telling you to do.

Now, PPC and seo are like having the first ad in the yellowpages for what you offer, and that is HUGE because they are hunting you.

So when you have an active potential customer that is directly interested, your conversion rates will go through the roof.

I would rather have 200 keyword specific visitors thn 2 million non keyword visitors.

Your title is the most important onpage factor for seo, and you can have limited content and gaine some great traffic that will convert. So don’t buy the lies.