The game is changing again…so what’s new?

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March 4, 2010

Marketing Fail of the Week


Might be an ok product, bu the name??  Look at the attempt at staying
relevant with the “go green”..

The game continues…

In the last newsletter I went over social search and real time search.
This week real time search has moved to the front page–

Googles just released Google Buzz is now drawing more controversy as it pulls in full feeds (which means you can look at what is on someone else’s site without visiting the site..not too helpful for website owners.)  Read the article here.

See a video on  how to use Google Buzz below.


More changes on the Local Search front!

So about four days ago I was searching as I usually do and discovered

that Google has moved it’s real time search to the from page.  See
this quick video I did on it below.
realtime search.PNG

The importance of this has to do with how to you optimize your website for maximum visability using these new options..

On today’s local search dominator webinar, we’ll go over how some of these changes effect you as well as some common sense strategies  to implement so that you don’t get left in the dust. Click Here to register. This is one you don’t want to miss.

Reader Feedback:

“I’ve been learning online marketing for several months and it’s refreshing to read your articles…full of great data and no hype!”

Enjoy.  Until next week!

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