Global Pulse 2010 is a completely online virtual event running through tomorrow where you can participate in a global conversation whose stated goal is to “create innovative solutions to the most pressing social issues of our time.” Sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Global Pulse 2010 is also being supported by the U.S. Departments of State, Education, Commerce, and Health and Human Services.

The goals of the event are to bring participants from around the world together to discuss key issues and challenges in a number of different areas, from sustainability and global health to education and technological innovation — and beyond. Global Pulse 2010 is an opportunity to engage with like-minded socially-engaged participants and organizations to proactively seek out solutions to some of the planet’s biggest challenges, as well as to help inform U.S. foreign assistance and diplomatic strategies surrounding a wide range of major social issues.

After going through the registration process for the event, you can browse and contribute to a number of topically-themed forums called “Jams” hosted by accomplished thought leaders and senior business leaders whose expertise is used to help guide the discussion. Some of the forum hosts include U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra, doctor, author and speaker Deepak Chopra, and a number of senior officials from USAID and the sponsoring U.S. Departments.

You can also follow Global Pulse on Twitter and track some of the discussion and participation via the hashtag #GP2010. Will you be participating in Global Pulse 2010? What do you think are the most pressing challenges of our time?

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