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Comedienne and actress Tina Fey reprised her role as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live last night, and Justin Bieber appeared in several sketches too. Sketches posted to Hulu have been hot on the web for hours now, especially on Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Last night was a homecoming for Fey, a former SNL cast member and writer. She shared the Weekend Update desk with Jimmy Fallon, who now hosts Late Night — Conan O’Brien’s former home.

Fey now stars in and runs the half-hour NBC comedy 30 Rock, and is appearing opposite Steve Carrell in the new movie Date Night. She hasn’t been a total stranger to sketch comedy, though; during the 2008 Presidential election, she garnered praise and massive viral video views for her portrayal of then-Governor Sarah Palin in SNL’s political sketches. She reprised that role in one of last night’s sketches.

Justin Bieber is big on Twitter, so his appearance was much talked about last night and today. Even as Tina Fey has slipped off Google’s top 20 trends, Justin Bieber is still holding on. The kid’s a star, alright?

Unfortunately for the teenage girls of the Internet, Justin’s musical performances are not available at Hulu. It’s not uncommon for music to be omitted from SNL’s web streams because the Internet rights to an artist’s music are handled separately from the broadcast rights. They can be harder to acquire because labels are much jumpier about controlling their content on the wild web.

Here’s a collection of videos that Fey starred in, with a few cameos from Bieber. Enjoy.

Sarah Palin Network

Fey’s Sarah Palin follows up her FOX News correspondent gig by opening her own cable network with many politically appropriate shows.

Teacher (With Justin Bieber)

Fey plays a teacher who is inappropriately falling in love with a dreamy teenager in her class (Bieber).

Weekend Update: Women’s News

Fey returns to the Weekend Update desk to provide a snarky, intelligent perspective on the state of women in the media.

Tiger Woods at the Masters

Fey portrays a woman with the penchant for the inappropriate who’s invited to join two golf announcers to cover Tiger Woods’s return to the game. There’s a parody of the Tiger Woods Nike commercial at the end.

Brownie Husband

This faux commercial makes an uncomfortable but hilarious parody of the role of chocolate in the 30-something single woman’s life.


Fey plays a miniature prostitute in the style of a 1950s melodrama.

School Dance

Fey portrays the mother of a high school girl who has trouble relating to kids her own age. There’s a cameo from Bieber towards the end.

Backstage: Tina Fey & Justin Bieber Promo

Behind-the-scenes look at Fey and Bieber taping the promos that aired on NBC in the days leading up to the SNL episode’s premiere.

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