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Marketing Fail of the week

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This is a sign in Las Vegas.  I’m glad to know that if it’s in stock they
have it!

What do you do when you are going on national television in less than
12 hours and your website doesn’t work?

by Laura

Sounds like an impossible situation, but that is exactly what happened last week.Although I cannot tell you who this public figure is, I can tell you that we were contacted to finish their website, get it working so that people could view their video and fill out a form showing their support.

We stayed up all night and the site was up.  Since Thursday, their video has been viewed over 80,000 times and there have been over 17, 000 people signing up in support of them.

New Podcasts Released

by Laura

Two new podcasts this week:Interview with Eric Hamm the wordpress developer of Frugal Theme.Interview with Andrew Machado community manger of Apture and their new magic search bar.

Find out that and more with our podcast series on Yada Yada Marketing
and available on iTunes for download.  Check out our podcast page

The New Web

by Laura

The last few weeks have been very exciting.  My continued research into
mobile marketing and geographically tagged applications like Four Square,
Gowalla and Twitters new geo functions have opened up a HUGE opportunity
for small local businesses.
It reminds me of what it was like back in 1999 when I started PCDJ.  The
new technology being released then was changing the way we listened to
music and how we lived.

This new technology is doing the same thing for connecting people up on
a local level and local businesses will be the beneficiaries of this if
they know how to take advantage of it.
The Internet made the world smaller, allowing us to communicate across
the world as if it was across town. It’s now coming back to our homes and
neighborhoods and it’s exciting.  Join me Friday for the next Local Search
Dominator webinar and I’ll show you all about it!

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Until Next Week!
Laura BetterlyPresidentYada Yada Marketing, Inc.


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Site Speed Now a factor In Search Engine Ranking

Slower sites are have seen lowered rankings..

Google’s Matt Cutts writes about this in a blog post

Although he says not to panic, that it only affects 1% of the sites, I’ve found that the faster sites we own SEO better.

WordPress a format that we run most of our networks on, is slower than
static pages. We have started to install WP Super Cache on all the sites
and they are much faster.

Local Search Webinar Moved to April 23rd


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In less than an hour you will learn what you need to do to compete in
what I like to call the new web..
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