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The week gone by was loaded with essential reading, especially in the tech department. We know you’re busy, and digging through that RSS reader for all the good stuff you missed is a chore.

That’s why we’ve once again gathered the Crème de la Crème in our weekly super-post. Take a weekend stroll through this garden of resources that includes a few environmentally friendly gadget guides, some killer small business advice, and an inbox master cleanse, which may be a weekend project itself.

And if it’s entertainment you’re after, don’t miss the killer YouTube video lists below.

Social Media

HOW TO: Disable Facebook’s “Instant Personalization” [PRIVACY]

New menus on the Facebook home page this week took users by surprise, and left many concerned about the privacy implications of being suddenly more “connected” to their favorite sites and interests. If you’re looking for ways to opt out of these new features, this guide will show you how.

HOW TO: Spring Clean Your Twitter Account

An untended Twitter feed can quickly become overgrown with useless tweets and dead weight users. These great tools will help you streamline your Twitter account in no time.

How Freelancers are Using Social Media for Real Results

Social media can be a boon for those who make their living gig-to-gig. Sheer networking is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to landing work via the social web. We spoke to freelancers in a variety of fields to find out how they make it happen.

9 Essential Social News and Bookmarking Sites for Designers

The design community is always hungry for content, inspiration, and tutorials. These nine networks are a great place to discover and share creative resources.

4 Ways One Non-Profit Uses Location to Increase Engagement

The National Wildlife Federation has been getting creative with their social media awareness campaigns, particularly when it comes to location-based technologies. This post discusses some of their innovations.

Tim Ferriss: 7 Great Principles for Dealing with Haters

For all the personal connections and open sharing done on social networks, you’ll always find a fair share of scathing negativity. Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Work Week, gave a talk at The Next Web ‘10 event in Amsterdam, and had these seven points to share on the subject.

Gowalla CEO Talks About the Future of Social Media [INTERVIEW]

We sat down with Josh Williams to discuss the origins of his location-based network, and what current trends in the space mean for the future.

5 Free Services for Pre-Scheduling Your Twitter Updates

Whether for marketing purposes, event promotion, or just keeping your account fresh while you’re on vacation, a tweet scheduler can be a handy tool. Check out these five great ones, all of them free.

How Twitter’s New Media Blog Aims To Teach By Example

Twitter’s new blog highlights news organizations with smart Twitter integration in the hope of becoming a resource for the media. We spoke with Twitter about their strategies and goals.

Top 10 LEGO Movie Tributes on YouTube

Those stop-motion goodies are back, this time reenacting our favorite flicks in all their colorful plastic glory.

Top 10 YouTube Cover Songs

For better or worse, YouTube has become the ultimate repository of musical tributes. From guys in their bedrooms, to a capella cleverness, to guitar-wielding toddlers, this hand-picked list highlights some of the best around.

5 Ways to Support World Malaria Day Online

The fight to end malaria in the developing world has become a rallying cause on the social web. Check out these five easy ways you can make a difference online.

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Tech & Mobile

4 Reasons the iPhone Is a (Video)Game Changer

The iPhone has truly taken the video game world by storm, and there’s plenty yet to explore in mobile gaming. Check out this analysis of the current trends, and what they might mean for the future of the industry.

HOW TO: Turn Your Android Phone Into a Killer MP3 Player

If you shun the iMusic lifestyle, you can still keep all your favorite tunes at your fingertips with an Android device. This post will show you how.

HOW TO: Give Your Inbox a Master Cleanse

If your inbox is bursting with social media notifications, useless newsletters, and unsolicited messages, you’re certainly not alone. Use these tactics to bring your unread count back into a reasonable realm.

HOW TO: Secure Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is certainly a secure platform right out of the proverbial box, but there are always ways to protect your blog or site from the more nefarious denizens of the web. Heed these tips for more secure blogging.

5 Real-Time Location Trends to Watch

The location game is heating up faster than you may think. Keep on top of things by noting these important trends, as relayed by Joe Stump, CTO of SimpleGeo, who spoke at The Next Web ‘10 event in Amsterdam.

Why Schools are Turning to Google Apps

The state of Oregon has made the bold move to embrace Google Apps for its entire education system. The reasons and benefits are compelling, and could open up a wealth of possibilities for schools around the country.

8 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Electronics

Why toss your obsolete gadgets in the landfill when you could transform them into art, data storage, and other useful items? Here are eight suggestions for keeping your gadget habit in the green.

5 Quick Tips to Solicit Useful Design Feedback

Designers can (and should) take their work very personally, but this often makes it hard to receive constructive criticism. Here are five easy ways to get the feedback you need to keep a project moving forward.

Charities for Donating Your Old Electronics

Just because you no longer have a use for your second generation iPod doesn’t mean it should be headed for the scap heap. Take a moment to note these charities where your old gadgets can be put to new use.

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10 Killer Tips for Creating a Branded YouTube Channel

Video is the way to go for businesses on the social web. Be sure to give these rules a run-down before embarking on a branded YouTube adventure.

10 Dos and Don’ts for Brands on Twitter

People expect different things from individuals and brands on Twitter, and crossing those streams could lead to a few common mistakes. Check out this list of tips to ensure your company plays by all the right rules.

5 iPhone Apps to Boost Productivity

With the right apps in tow, an iPhone can be productivity powerhouse. Check out these five recommendations.

5 Tips for Making Your Presentations More Social

Social media has opened up a wealth of opportunities to make business presentations more engaging. These five tips can transform your boring set of slides into a dynamic, real-time force of nature.

What Twitter’s New Ad Model Could Mean for Small Business

It’s easy to see the potential for large companies like Starbucks to leverage Twitter’s new advertising model, but what about small businesses? This post discusses the options.

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