Thoughts on Asia, China, and Digital Media [INTERVIEW]

For the most part, digital media like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs were very much originated from and were popularized by Westerners. Asia is slowly picking up the pace and this trend is unearthing […] Related posts: LinkedIn in Asia: India 9, Australia 2, China 1 [INFOGRAPHIC] Congrats to LinkedIn, you hit the 100 million users […]

Google’s Korea Office Raided By Police

The business of collecting user data continues to be a very dangerous one, as news today tells of Google in hot water with South Korean police on the suspicion that it unlawfully collected […] Related posts: China Police Tweets with the Public We have a list of 18 really interesting ways people are… iPad 2 Available […]

10 Early Stage Start-up Pitches [LIVE BLOG] #gstartup

Live notes on start-up pitches. 16Fun (China) Focuses on mobile games imitating virtual reality Features include playing games with friends Business model: Virtual currency, in-app purchases, linking game with business owners Distribution strategy: […] Related posts: Global Mobile Internet Conference, Day 1 Live Blog Live updates from the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing,… East […]

Foursquare Announcements Coming at SXSW

This week, we posted an article about some comments Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley made about competing with Facebook. He responded to this, and we exchanged a few tweets. Bottom line: expect multiple announcements from the company at SXSW.  In a recent interview on CNBC, Crowley said, "They’re [Facebook] a huge platform and a big competitor, […]

How Airlines Use Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interesting: There are more than 180 airlines using Twitter for marketing or customer services purposes. An average airline sends 4.1 tweets per day. 65 percent of the tweets are promo related while 24 […] Related posts: Twitter & The World Cup [INFOGRAPHIC] The year’s World Cup has broken many records. It isn’t… The Twitter Story […]

Twitter for Android Becomes More Like Other Twitter Apps

Twitter has launched a new version of its Android App. The company says its designed to feel more like its other official Twitter apps to provide a more consistent experience.  "You can use Twitter for Android even if you haven’t signed in or don’t have an account," says Carolyn Penner with Twitter Communications. "You can […]

Embed Facebook Posts In Articles With SocialDitto

SocialDitto is a new tool designed to let content producers, such as journalists and bloggers, embed Facebook posts/status updates into their content. You can think about it like the Twitter BlackBird Pie tool, which lets you embed tweets.  The developers of SocialDitto, part of iEntry (which also publishes WebProNews) thought a Blackbird Pie-like tool would […]

China’s Twitter sites Censor ‘Egypt’ Search

The word ‘Egypt’ (??) was censored today by several micro-blogging sites in China, the AFP reported. I did a search on Egypt on China’s largest microblog site Sina Weibo (in Chinese of course) and got the following in return: “According to relevant laws, regulations and policies, the search results have not been shown.” It was […]

Eric Schmidt Coming To Your Living Room?

Could Google CEO Eric Schmidt be coming soon to your living room? Rumor has it that he’s interested in getting into television.  A rather unexpected report from the New York Post today indicates that he is in fact interested in having some kind of talk show, and has even been involved in the filming of […]

The State of China’s Twitter, Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is growing fast in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It currently has over 50 million users and is expecting to hit 100 million by the end of 2011. Gaofei Wang, Vice President of Sina Weibo shared with Mobile World Live in an Interview on its growth phase and briefly on its monetization plan. […]

How Twitter Killed a Film Star in India and later Apologized

On Jan 10, 2011 , DNA India, the eighth largest Indian newspaper was at the receiving end of ferocious criticism from Indian twitterers from across the world. In an event which reminded many of the infamous Steve Jobs obituary circulated by Bloomberg , DNA Twitter handle sent a confirmation tweet on the demise of Shashi […]

China Police Tweets with the Public

We have a list of 18 really interesting ways people are using Twitter and that includes stopping bicycle thieves in Boston. We’re seeing a similar use in China’s micro-blog, Sina Weibo (????). The police department in Beijing has found micro-blogging a useful way to connect with the public. Peace Beijing (????) is the official Sina Weibo […]

95% of Twitter Users Have Less than 500 followers

After analyzing more than a billion tweets generated by over 20 million Twitter users, Sysomos concluded that 95 percent of Twitter users have less than 500 followers. In fact, 32 percent of Twitter users have only 0 to 5 followers and more than half of Twitter users have between 5 to 100 followers. At least, […]