Facebook announced a redesign of user profile pages. Some changes include a new introduction at the top of the page that tells viewers where you’re from, where you went to school, and where you work. 

"And since there’s often no better way to learn about a person than through photos, the profile now includes a row of recently tagged photos of you," says Facebook engineer Josh Wiseman. "  In my case, my profile features pics from my engagement and wedding, two of my life’s most recent and happiest moments.?"

You can list projects you’ve worked on, classes you’ve taken, your favorite musicians, sports, teams, etc. There are images for your interests so your information is displayed more visually. 

"Thanks to the cool new ‘infinite scroll’ feature, it’s now much faster and more fun to browse all your photos," says Wiseman. "The Friends page now allows you to quickly find the people you’re looking for: just search by name, hometown, school or a number of other dimensions. I met a ton of new Ultimate players at Nationals, and the new profile has made it so much easier to locate and learn about them."

The profiles are being rolled out gradually and the company says it hopes to get it to everyone by early next year. If you want it immediately, you can upgrade here.