Anti-Domestic Violence Group Joins Facebook Advisory Board

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To be clear: there have been no recent headline-making complaints on the subject, and no signs that Facebook’s poised to change anything.  But it looks like Facebook might soon be better-equipped to alter or improve its privacy features, as the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) has joined the social network’s Safety Advisory Board.

Marne Levine, Facebook’s Vice President for Global Public Policy, said in a statement, "We are thrilled to welcome the National Network to End Domestic Violence to our global Safety Advisory Board, and look forward to working with them closely to make sure that we are always taking into account the needs of domestic abuse victims."

Cindy Southworth, a vice president and founder of the NNEDV’s Safety Net Technology Project, also said, "We are honored to join Facebook’s Safety Advisory Board.  We’re grateful that Facebook regularly works with us to collect feedback on privacy features and online safety.  We look forward to continuing our efforts together in an even greater capacity to create the safest possible online networking space for everyone – including survivors of domestic violence, dating abuse, cyber-stalking and harassment."

Other members of Facebook’s Safety Advisory Board include Childnet International,, the Family Online Safety Institute, and WiredSafety, by the way.

This development should win Facebook more respect in certain circles.  A hat tip, meanwhile, goes to Caroline McCarthy.

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