Bing has launched “Destination Pages” for city searches. If you go to a city’s page, you will find information about events, weather, flights, news, etc. related to that city.  You can find them by simply searching on Bing for a city and clicking the "Destinations" tab. 

"The new feature assembles all of the relevant information about a destination on one page so you can research a city before you go," explains  David Lindheimer of Bing Travel.   "The top things you need to plan your trip – including flight information, a list of hotels in the area, popular attractions, local events, local news, civic photos, a map and a weather overview – are now in one place."

"Click into each of the sections to see a full list or gallery relevant to the city," says Lindheimer. "If you’re searching for a local city, Bing can recognize that you’re close and serve up results accordingly.  Let’s say you’re thinking of travelling to Miami this winter.  Type Miami, FL into the search box, and click ‘Explore City’ to check out the destination city."

Like Bing’s recently launched Artist Pages for musician info, these Destination Pages could probably use a bit of work. For example, the one for our hometown Lexington, KY appears to have good info at first glance (and it does have some good info), but you will also strangely find a listing on the left-hand side for "Castles". 

Interestingly enough, while we do have a Castle pretty close to the airport, Bing has four listings under Castle, and they appear to all be castles in Italy, with the one we actually do have not present. 

Bing Destination Pages

In all fairness, we do have White Castle and Castle Jewelry locations, but those aren’t appearing in the listings either. 

Still, Bing’s Destination Pages do appear to be valid if you’re looking for flight info, maps, news, events or weather. There are additional useful links presented in the left-hand panel as well. 

The pages are available for over 3,000 cities around the world. The content, Bing says, is contextual, based on user location.