How Asia responds to Social Media Marketing

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When it comes to social media, Asians have certain peculiar engagement needs and the following excerpts from a study will help you discover them. Covering 15 countries including Singapore, China and India the […]

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  1. World History?? Insight Students!!?
    1.The main cause of globalization is advancement in technology, which has resulted in methods of transportation and communication having a direct effect on trade and cultures.
    B.developing countries to have access to good health care and quality education. economic interdependence on multinational corporations that rely on outsourcing.
    D.varying goods and services being exchanged among nations with trade barriers.

    2.Cultural diffusion is a result of which of the following?


    3.One effect of globalization is the outsourcing of multinational corporations. What is the major reason for outsourcing?

    A.To obtain better quality products
    B.To spread work more evenly around the globe
    C.To create jobs and wealth in one’s country of origin
    D.To cut costs and increase production

    4.One major effect of economic interdependence is that when you face a natural disaster, like a hurricane or earthquake, the disaster

    A.will always cause decline in the demand for crude oil in the nation hit by the disaster.
    B.can have negative impacts on the economies of nations not directly hit by the disaster.
    C.will not have an effect on the total available supply of food in the world.
    D.will require that countries around the world come to the aid of the nation hit by the disaster.

    5.One effect of globalization is the huge role mass media plays in

    B.cultural diffusion.
    C.multinational corporations.
    D.traditional cultures.

    6.A movement that ensures that fair prices are paid to farmers in developing countries is called

    A.ASEAN. trade.
    C.fair trade.
    D.the World Trade Organization.

    7.The increasing interdependence of the world’s countries has been accompanied by the dramatic growth of

    A.multinational corporations.
    B.oil-producing regions of the Middle East.
    C.population movement to urban areas because jobs are scarce.
    D.attempts to increase oil consumption with new energy sources.

    8.Opponents of free trade

    A.believe that it does not provide new markets for goods. the work of the World Trade Organization.
    C.believe that it encourages practices that exploit workers and destroy the environment in developing countries. not support social responsibility in corporations.

    9.What global social challenge spreads quickly and affects the health of many people?

    A.Outbreak of contagious diseases
    C.Mass migration
    D.Lack of food resources

    10.One global social challenge is the lack of quality health care in developing countries, which can have an effect on the life expectancy of the people there. Which continent’s average life expectancy is only 30 to 39 years?

    B.South America

    11.What are some of the main challenges facing large groups of people and countries around the world today?

    A.Human rights abuses, poverty, disease and natural disasters
    B.Countries are not able to meet the needs of consumers
    C.Many people are moving to rural areas
    D.NGOs are not responding to the financial needs of developing countries

    12.Which of the following is a global challenge related to population?

    B.Lack of family ties
    C.Uneducated work force
    D.Businesses unable to meet consumer needs

    13.NGOs work to overcome social challenges by trying to improve the welfare of groups such as women, children, and indigenous peoples. What is an NGO?

    A.The Universal Declaration of Human Rights group
    B.A petition or treaty signed to improve human rights
    C.A nongovernmental organization that provides services or promotes public policies
    D.A globalization organization that provides services to the Red Cross

    14.Examples of rapidly growing cities due to urbanization are

    A.San Marino and Palau.
    B.Sao Paolo and Mumbai.
    C.Monaco and Andorra.
    D.Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo.

    15.Health issues, such as diseases becoming epidemics, are a growing social challenge because of

    A.the spread of democracy leading to increases in immigration.
    B.a type of pneumonia known as SARS appearing in China.
    C.foreign aid failing to make an impact and increasing poverty. air travel, which allows diseases to spread rapidly, as infected people move from place to place.

    16.Another type of social challenge is the threat to world security. There is a misconception that terrorist attacks always originate in the Middle Eastern region or from members of a single religious group. Where else have terrorist attacks originated between 1995 and 2005?

    A.In Peru, where suicide bombers used terrorist tactics in their fight for independence.
    B.In Ireland, where the IRA engaged in terrorist attacks on Columbian targets.
    C.In Latin America, where terrorism is connected to the illegal drug trade.
    D.In South Asia, where terrorists attacke

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