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Anyone who’s interested in what Bing will do next can perhaps relax.  Rather than make onlookers fight for every scrap of information, the organization seems to be tending towards openness, announcing today that it will back a sort of multimedia series called "The Future of Search."

A post on the Bing Search Blog explained, "Here at Bing we don’t claim to have all the answers – but we know that together we can dream up something big and different.  To that end, we have teamed with the folks at O’Reilly Radar . . . .  Their editors will be curating multiple themes including social search, natural language, and ‘the web of things’ that explore what the industry sees now, and where it might be headed."

Then the post continued, "Here’s how it works: every 3-4 weeks, the channel will feature a theme and a variety of videos, writings, and discussions on that theme so as to elevate the search discussion beyond market share, the feature of the week, or dwelling on past trends."

Important Microsoft employees, including Principal Researcher Susan Dumais and General Manager Sean Suchter, should participate in the series and share their thoughts.

Obviously, this probably won’t extend to sharing corporate secrets, but it should give everyone a good idea of the official Bing stance on different subjects.

You can see a pilot video on the subject of social search below.