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New York Jets Tackle Puts NFL Lockout Life on YouTube

Regardless of which side you’re supporting in this, the NFL Lockout age, there’s sure to be some curiosity over what both sides are doing now that there’s no NFL training camp, or, well, NFL anything until both sides agree. Apparently, …

Tweets at 35,000 Feet: How Virgin America is Using Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets are now live. Yet, for most of us, there’s still a general curiosity about how this will work in the wild. What does this mean for the partner advertisers? Are our search results and Twitter streams going to be spammed with advertisements now? Will Twitter ever be the same? Of course, the answers […]

Bing Gives Users Access to Foursquare Data in Maps

Last week we learned that Bing was to add Foursquare data to Bing Maps. Today the company is rolling out those Foursquare features to a subset of users in a new addition to its Maps Apps section. Those with access to the Foursquare integration can now see nearby checkins and tips on a Bing Map, […]