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India’s SnapDeal Surpasses LivingSocial, Threatens Groupon

Groupon enjoyed a good two year head start in the group buying industry, but is now facing stiff competition not only from Amazon-invested LivingSocial but also India’s group buying site SnapDeal has […] Related posts: Facebook Usage Surpasses Orkut in India It is official – Facebook is the number one ranking,… Groupon Acquires SoSasta […]

What could happen in Social Media in 2 Hours? Be Surprised

In 2 hours, many things could happen on the Internet. Petra Neiger, a Cisco employee and blogger, got inspired to find out what could have happened in the social media sphere after spending 2 painful hours travelling from San Jose to the San Francisco International Airport last week (catch her story here). Her research on […]

Serial Entrepreneur Ryan Merket and his Latest Start-up, AppBistro

Three minutes with ____ is a series of short interviews with people who’re creators and thought leaders in the creative, start-up or media world. Ryan Merket was an ex-Facebook employee who left earlier this year to continue his journey as an entrepreneur. During his time with Facebook, Ryan was part of the Developer Network team […]

Details: Twitter’s New @Anywhere Platform

Twitter CEO Evan Williams just announced at SXSW that his company is taking another step to integrate with the rest of the web with a new platform called @anywhere. Operators of third-party websites will be able to plug in @anywhere to integrate some basic Twitter functionality without requiring their users to navigate away from a […]