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BliBli: A New Player in Indonesian E-Commerce

The Indonesian e-commerce battle recently has a new combatant:, which is owned by PT Global Digital Niaga, a subsidiary of Djarum Group. The ownership of is also shared with BCA, one […] Related posts: First Look Inside ‘Baidu Ting’, the Chinese Search Giant’s Licensed Music Player Here’s a first look inside the upcoming […]

How AIMI Indonesian Moms use BlackBerry Messenger

AIMI is a Breastfeeding Association in Indonesia, founded by a group of moms who are willing to share knowledge on breastfeeding. Mind you, it isn’t like any other mommies association out there. AIMI is pretty tech savvy. Nia, Deputy Chairman of AIMI said BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is the primary communication channel within the association. The […]

Indonesian uses Twitter as WikiLeaks

@Benny_Israel tweeted last Thursday that he knows the dark secrets of Indonesia and wishes to share it with the world. His bold tweet was accompanied with a disclaimer that seeks correction if any information is revealed incorrectly. So far, Benny has revealed that he knows a number of U.S based companies, which committed bribery and […]

Thieves Want to Steal the iPad, and They Will Rip Off Fingers to Get It

Some thieves will stop at nothing to steal your expensive iPad. In the case of 59 year old Bill Jordan (pictured right), the thief not only stole his iPad, but part of his left pinky finger. The story, according to Denver’s KDVR, goes like this: last Thursday, Jordan went to the Cherry Creek Mall in […]

Foursquare Adds Almost 100,000 Users in 10 Days

Foursquare might’ve been last year’s breakout app at SXSW, but it looks like this year’s conference had a much more profound impact on the service’s growth. The location based network tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that it’s added “almost 100,000 users” in the past 10 days. That’s a huge number when you consider that the year-old […]