MTV Short Circuitz – Facebook

MTV Short Circuitz asset, video. Who isn’t addicted to Facebook these days? You think about it, talk about it, joke about it, dream about it – now hear a rap about it! It may just be the next big thing…after Facebook, of course. Nick Cannon presents Short Circuitz Season 2, a sketch comedy show where […]

Champions League Trending on Twitter in Asia, Can Heineken Sell More Beer?

Grab your beer and chips. The Champions League Final between Manchester United and Barcelona will begin in about 2 hours time. At the point of writing, #ChampionsLeagueFinal is trending on Twitter in India, […] Related posts: Twitter Trending in Japan We’re witnessing key Asian markets dominated by Facebook or Twitter…. How MTV India’s Twitter Campaign […]

Justin Bieber, Facebook and MTV Partner on Cyberbullying Initiative

Pop superstar (and Grammy nominated) Justin Bieber is partnering with Facebook and MTV’s A Thin Line to help stop digital abuse – things like cyberbullying, online stalking, and "textual harassment." If anyone has the power to do so, it would be Bieber, who has a ridiculous amount of influence over the young’ns. Facebook and MTV […]

This Week on Asia Technology

First, congratulations to India as the iPad was finally introduced to the majestic country on Friday. However, sales were expected to plummet because of its late introduction, 10 months after it was launched in the U.S. We had also seen how MTV India used Twitter to push ‘Roadies 8′ into Twitter’s trending topic list. Perhaps, the […]

BlackBerry Playbook Featured on Black Eyed Peas MTV

Product placement at work: The BlackBerry Playbook is featured in Black Eyed Peas’s The Time (Dirty Bit) MTV. The strategy is straightforward. The Playbook wants to be associated with the Black Eyed Peas’s ‘cool and hip’ image. In the MTV, a futuristic image of the Playbook is painted. The camera is the only feature showcased […]

“Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” Trailer Hits the Web [VIDEO]

The trailer for the most recent Michael Cera vehicle — Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – has hit the Internets hard, and apparently people are excited. Earlier today, MTV reported that director Edgar Wright (of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead fame) heralded the coming of the trailer with three cryptic tweets reading: “Wait. […]