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Should I Use PPC As An Affiliate Marketer – In this video I cover the question, "Should I use PPC as an affiliate marketer." I cover the advantages but also some of the pitfalls of using pay per click Duration : 6 min

Common Mistakes in Enterprise Pay Per Click

In another article we looked at large scale SEO with Bill Hunt. We also sat down with Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting at PubCon, who talked about enterprise PPC.  "There’s some things that change when you get to a very large account, whether it’s greater than 50k a month spend or greater than 100k […]

YYMI Newsletter Oct 26-A quick Update and a funny marketing fail

Marketing Fail of the Week Courtesy of Something tells me that the good folk in Salt Lake Utah didn’t realize they had a branding issue. It pays to check out a proof before going to print. The Cats Out of the Bag… by Laura In our last newsletter I alluded to a well known […]

How do you make money with Google Adwords,does it really work?

I have seen tons of ads about making money at home through google adwords. They say it is as simple as following a cookbook. Is that true? Has anyone had experiences out there that they can explain how it is so "easy" to make money,with that system? Any other bright ideas,that will not cost me […]

PPC Villain Seminar #1a

PPC Villain w/ special guest Paige Veuxs take a look at real PPC ads to see how well you’ve all been paying attention. Duration : 0:4:48

Market Test New Products With Google AdWords

There are a multitude of reasons to use Google AdWords, but many are unknown to even the best internet marketers. Watch as Frank Rumbauskas, a Google-Certified AdWords Professional and #1 bestselling author, explains how he uses AdWords. Get 10 free chapters of Frank’s AdWords e-book at Duration : 0:3:14

PPC Best Practices: 10 Secrets for Paid Search Campaigns – Learn 10 secrets Fathom SEO uses when running a Paid Search campaign. From refining keyword lists and A/B testing to tracking software and landing page creation, we show you PPC best practices. Fathom SEO’s Joe Soltis explains PPC best practices to improve your paid search campaigns. To learn more about Fathom SEO’s Paid […]

Mike Dillard's PPCDomination Review – Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click with Jim Yaghi

David and Patti Olson PPC Domination Review Ever Wish You Knew How To Use Google Adwords Pay-per-click, But Always Thought It Was Too Hard? The majority of people who use Google Adwords Pay-per-click, end up paying a hefty Stupid tax, which basically means, that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re going to […]

How To Build Killer Google AdWords Keyword Variations How to build 2100 killer Google AdWords keyword variations in 30 seconds or less, using free tools available to you online. From Roger at Duration : 0:3:2